Geosynthetic clay liner: GCL

A hydraulic barrier is created by sandwiching a bentonite layer between two geotextiles. Due to their low permeability, these geotextile clay liners effectively contain fluids or waste in environmental and other containment applications. 

Beaulieu Technical Textiles solutions proven benefits:

  • Extended service life of construction projects
  • Cost effective solution in implementation and use
  • Reliable & performant systems

Geosynthetics in civil engineering: fundamental to sustainable development

Geosynthetics have shown to be the most environmentally friendly solution for construction sites due to their proven environmental benefits. Geosynthetics improve infrastructure sustainability. They extend the life of roads, reduce aggregate consumption, conserve and protect water, minimize land disturbance, and manage soil erosion.

Learn more about the advantages presented by our partners IGS and EAGM:

According to the EAGM Life Cycle Assessments, there is a 75% reduction in environmental impact:

IGS Sustainability

Geosynthetics in civil engineering: fundamental to sustainable development

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