Product certifications

CE Marking

All geotextiles produced and used in civil engineering & construction applications are CE accredited. A CE labelled product complies with the conformity procedures stipulated in the applicable European Directives.

DOP Declaration of Performance

Declaration of Performance (DoP) is the key concept in the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). Each CE marked product has its proper DoP certificate and product label, indicating all of the product's essential characteristics. Here you will find our DOPs.  

BENOR certification

The Terralys geotextiles produced by Beaulieu Technical Textiles have obtained Benor certification. BENOR is a Belgian quality certification awarded under the auspices of the NBN (Belgian Bureau of Normalisation). Copro is the official body designated as BENOR sectorial institution for the certification of geotextiles. All certified geotextiles can be found on the Copro extranet.

ASQUAL certification

The Terralys geotextiles produced by Beaulieu Technical Textiles have obtained Asqual certification. Asqual issues geotextile certifications that are recognised in France. All of these products have an Asqual certificate and are labelled with their proper Asqual label. Here you will find our Asqual certificates. 

NorGeoSpec certification

The Terralys NGSx geotextiles have obtained NorGeoSpec certification. NorGeoSpec is a Nordic system for the certification and specification of geosynthetics and geosynthetic-related products. Here you will find our NorGeoSpec certificates.

OK COMPOST certification

The Ökolys agrotextile is the first woven biodegradable and compostable landscape fabric to obtain “OK Compost" certification. The “OK Compost” certification ensures that the material contains no harmful substances and guarantees the biodegradability and compostability of the groundcover according to the European compostability standard (EN 13432). Thus Ökolys is one of the most groundbreaking innovations in environmentally-friendly weed control in the sectors of landscape gardening, forestry and agriculture. Download the OK Compost certificate (ENG - FRA) here.


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