Environmental Product declaration

EPD Environmental Product Declaration

Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) on geosynthetics bring more transparency and help carbon-conscious purchasing and decision making. Registered EPDs are globally recognized, publicly available and free to download through EPD Libraries. An EPD shows a manufacturer's commitment to measure and reduce the environmental impact of its products and report these impacts in a very transparent way. Construction products, like woven geotextiles, follow the very comprehensive European standard, EN 15804+A2. The third-party verification and approval by the international EPD® System officially demonstrates the low environmental impact of BTT’s geotextile products.

The carbon footprint of BTT’s woven geotextiles is amongst the lowest in the industry, making them one of the most sustainable solutions for civil engineering projects.

  • Terralys LF 17/17 (92 g/m²): 0.37 kg CO2 eq./m²
  • Terralys LF 17/17 C1 (167 g/m²): 0.65 kg CO2 eq./m²
  • Terralys GCL BL35 (110 g/m²): 0.43 kg CO2 eq./m²
  • Terrabarrier BL365 C3 (365 g/m²): 1.40 kg CO2 eq./m²

EPD5133 Woven Geotextiles

Declaration - EDP5133 Woven Geotextiles.PDF

Climate Declaration

EPD Environmental Product Declaration