Woven ground cover

Beaulieu Technical Textiles’ range of weed suppressing fabrics provide various uses and solutions across the horticultural industry.

Weed control
Optimize conditions for plants and crops to thrive: weed control fabric blocks the light, but allows water and air to permeate. This disrupts the growth of competing weeds. Additionally, herbicides and weed killers are no longer needed. 
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminate the need for herbicides & weed killers
  • Improved growth conditions
  • Avoid harmful diseases
  • Enhanced soil water retention
  • Easy to install
Growth stimulation

Stimulate growth in young crops and facilitate the breeding and cultivation of plants, flowers and fruits in greenhouses and container fields. Our field ground covers create an optimal microclimate for plant roots and protect plants and soil against erosion. 


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Improved growth conditions, resulting in faster and uniform growth 
  • Increased crop yield 
  • Eliminate the need for herbicides & weed killers
  • Specialized product lines: 
    • Ökolys: compostable weed control fabric for horticulture
    • Agrolys: woven ground cover for greenhouses and container fields
    • Agrolys White: reflective woven ground cover for greenhouses

Facilitate the collection of waste foliage in greenhouses and outdoor fields. Waste is collected centrally and can easily be transported on a textile conveyor belt for further processing. 


  • Durable & reliable solution
  • Cost efficient & reusable
  • Easy to use 
  • White textile will additionally stimulate plant growth

Prevent uncontrolled root spreading with tree root barriers. These textiles ensure the unimpeded growth of plants and trees. Prevent damage caused by soil erosion and wind with upright silt fences.  

Benefits: Specialized product lines

  • Terrabarrier: coated textile used as tree root barrier
  • Terrasilt: woven fabric  for silt fences