Fruit coloring: smart reflective woven fabrics

Fruit Color Development

Smart reflective woven fabrics are installed in orchards to optimize light distribution and, consequently, the color development of fruit. These fabrics are durable and can withstand varying weather conditions and normal mechanical exposure.

Choose Beaulieu Technical Textiles fruit coloring fabrics to:

  • Increase the profitability per hectare/acre of your orchard
  • Balance the water retention capacity of the soil

Lumilys® WH 110Smart reflective groundcover

More perfectly colored apples with your first harvest!

  • Reflects incoming PAR light
  • Achieves 80% reflection
  • Improves the microbiological health of your soil
  • Balances the water retention capacity of your orchard
  • Durable against weathering and UV
  • Withstands normal mechanical exposure

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Agrolys BLWHBlack/White woven groundcover for weed control and light reflection