Landscaping ground cover

Our range of technical fabrics prevent weed growth and eliminate the need for herbicides and weed killers. Woven landscaping ground covers are the most environmentally friendly method to combat weeds. As a result, newly planted trees grow 50% faster in the first three years.

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We provide landscaping ground cover for a wide range of design functions:

Weed control

Optimize conditions for plants and crops to thrive: woven landscaping ground covers block the light, but allow water and air to permeate. This disrupts the growth of competing weeds. Additionally, herbicides and weed killers are no longer needed


  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Eliminate the need for herbicides & weed killers
  • Improved growth conditions
  • Avoid harmful diseases
  • Enhances soil water retention
  • Easy to install

The (eco)logical choice for weed control

Our scientific research into efficient weed control and biodegradation has resulted in the development of Ökolys. It consists of a unique mix of two polymers, one biodegradable, one compostable.

Ökolys is our efficient, sustainable and organically responsible solution for weed control.

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The (eco)logical choice for weed control

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