Fruit coloring: smart reflective woven fabrics

Fruit Color Development

Smart reflective woven fabrics are installed in orchards to optimize light distribution and, consequently, the color development of fruit. These fabrics are durable and can withstand varying weather conditions and normal mechanical exposure.

Choose Beaulieu Technical Textiles fruit coloring fabrics to:

  • Increase the profitability per hectare/acre of your orchard
  • Balance the water retention capacity of the soil

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We provide fruit coloring: smart reflective woven fabrics for a wide range of design functions:

Fruit color development

Reflective white ground cover facilitates and improves fruit color development in red fruit.

Naturally enhance the coloration of apples

Lumilys reflective orchard ground cover significantly improves fruit color development.

Even and accelerated color development will boost the quality and profitability of your harvest.

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Naturally enhance the coloration of apples

Scientifically proven effects

Access the on-demand webinar ‘Fruit research on improving fruit coloration’ hosted by Manfred Büchele, Managing Director, Kompetenzzentrum Obstbau Bodensee Bavendorf Germany.

Lumilys was analyzed as orchard ground cover and proven beneficial to fruit color development.

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Scientifically proven effects

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