Agro Textiles - Fruit coloring

BTT's woven reflective groundcovers strongly influence the optimal color development of fruit.

Why choose a BTT woven groundcover for fruitculture or horticulture?

  • Optimum light distribution within any orchard
  • Optimal coloring development 
  • Increased profitability per hectare


Lumilys® WH 110Smart reflective groundcover

More perfectly colored apples with your first harvest!

  • Reflects incoming PAR light
  • Achieves 80% reflection
  • Improves the microbiological health of your soil
  • Balances the water retention capacity of your orchard
  • Durable against weathering and UV
  • Withstands normal mechanical exposure

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Agrolys BLWHBlack/White woven groundcover for weed control and light reflection