Geo Textiles - Protection

Geotextiles by Beaulieu Technical Textiles (BTT) are used to absorb stress and thus reduce or prevent damage and erosion in geotechnical structures.

Embedding BTT geotextiles in constructions can prevent major damage. BTT geotextiles, geocomposites and upright silt fences can also be used to prevent soil erosion and wind damage.

BTT offers woven polypropylene geotextiles and tailor-made geocomposites.

Why choose BTT woven geotextiles?

Terralys® LF

  • To protect civil constructions and ensure long-term, reliable performance
  • To protect hydraulic constructions against the forces of water
  • To protect land and nature against erosion and climate change

Terrabarrier - Tree root guidance

  • Protection in road constructions
  • Protection of sidewalls or other construction
  • Root guidance to prevent uncontrolled spreading
  • Containment of Japanese knotweed
  • Separation of plants to preserve all plants

Terrasilt® - Silt fence

  • Optimal protection against erosion
  • High filtration capacity
  • Optimal vertical permeable silt fence for farmland
  • Very strong, tear-resistant, with reinforced edges
  • Resistant to UV and abrasion for optimal erosion control