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How to naturally enhance the coloration of apples?

Many trials all over the world have demonstrated reflective groundcovers improve the coloring of apples. They raise color significantly compared to other practices and offer a substantial difference in money growers can earn.

The amount “most profitable grade” (classified as Extra Fancy grade) of highvalue cultivars is significantly proven to become much higher when boosting extra PAR-light into orchard just before harvesting.


More light, more color, more profit.  



Comparison of white groundcovers

Do you need a durable and reusable fabric that you can reuse it season after season? Do you need a strong UV resistant fabric? Resistant to any weather?

• Lumilys® has a dense weaving structure compared to lighter structures. It consists of fine, high tenacity filaments guaranteeing a flexible and strong fabric. Its high density weaving technology has benefits to self-restoring capabilities of the fabric. Lumilys® is therefore more resistant to both mechanical stresses and tractor rides.

• With 10 years UV Guarantee, Lumilys® performance after long-term UV exposure results in 80% of its original strength & elongation, whereas other fabrics end up with only 50% after the same amount of exposure.

• Lumilys® is inert to biological degradation and resistant to naturally encountered chemicals, alkalis and acids.



Are all apple coloration solutions that sustainable?

Beaulieu Technical Textiles strongly commits to produce more sustainable solutions with respect to orchards, biodiversity, water retention, re-use & recyclability and return on investment. This factsheet presents you our experience and knowledge of multiple solutions in the market, and helps you to make the right choices.

     Less sustainable solutions:

Solution 1: Mechanical pruning / Pneumatic defoliation

• More smaller apples
• Damaged flower buds
• Shorter shelf life
• Lower output
• Harmful for trees and fruits

Solution 2: White reflective films
• No water permeability
• Not strong enough
• Not durable

Solution 3: Metallic films
• Sunburn resulting from high reflective films
• No water permeability
• Plastic waste pollution



     More sustainable solution:

Solution 4: Lumilys / Reflective woven groundcover

• Most effective solution for highest output
• Yield enhancement by eliminating stress
• Optimizing your revenues
• With all respect for fruit/trees/environment
• Optimal PAR reflection through diffuse light distribution
• Strong, durable and re-usable
• Fully recyclable material



Rideability test shows a tractor can easily ride on Lumilys® reflective groundcover, when installed in fruit orchards.



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