Agrolys WH130 L25

Agrolys WH130 L25

Product specifications

Woven groundcover


  • Stimulates the growth of the plants which need a high reflection of light
  • Improves coloration
  • Maintains soil health

All products have a strong UV-warranty. The waranty is no longer valid if the products have been in contact with sulpher-, chlorine-, iron-, and bromiumderivates, as well as coppersulfates.  


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  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Color: White
  • Roll length (m): 100
  • Pattern: Line 25cm
  • Color lining: blue
  • UV-Stabilization (kLy): ≅ 800
  • Waterpermeability (m/s): 0,010
Tissu weight (g/m²)
  • 130 g/m²
Roll width (cm)
  • 330 cm
  • 415 cm
  • 515 cm
Test method
  • ISO