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1 January 2022

Reflective ground covers: 10% energy gains with bifacial PV modules

Bifacial solar installations require specific design and construction considerations to fully realize potential energy gains. This strongly depends on the albedo value of the underground. The higher the albedo, the more solar reflection, resulting in a higher performance of the photovoltaic modules.

In collaboration with KU Leuven and EnergyVille we tested ‘Magnifield’, a bright white polymer textile that can be recycled after use. We assessed the increased performance of bifacial solar panels with this reflective material when compared to a grass underground.

The installation with Magnifield returned an enhanced energy yield of 10±2% -depending on weather conditions- when comparing the condition with ground cover to grass. This substantial difference proves that the reflective ground cover can significantly improve the performance of any bifacial PV power plant and should always be considered in the design and development phase.

Access the full report with all data and measurements here, presenting the "Experimental Evaluation of Performance Enhancement in a Bifacial PV System by a Highly Reflective Textile Ground Cover". 


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Magnifield tests are being rolled out in large bifacial photovoltaic power plants. Our R&D team is actively identifying potential test sites. Interested in playing a part?

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Project bifacial solar | Magnifield

Project bifacial solar | Magnifield