Agro Textiles - Fruitculture

Woven agrotextiles by Beaulieu Technical Textiles (BTT) are proven to stimulate growth, provide high performance climate control and protection, ensuring optimal harvest and uniform fruit quality (size, colour, shape and taste).

BTT white woven fabrics stimulate the growth of plants and fruit. Its woven coverings protect against extreme and harmful climate conditions, while its groundcovers are crucial in the ecological battle against weeds.

Agrolys®  - Groundcover for fruit cultivation in greenhouses, nurseries, tray fields, container fields

  • Temperature controlled growing environment
  • Prevention of puddles through water permeability
  • Clean solution for fruit cultivation
  • Weed free and protection against weed

Agrolys® - Groundcover for fruit trees

  • Newly planted trees grow 50% faster in the first 3 years
  • Ecological battle against weed

Lumilys® - Smart reflective groundcover

  • Reflects incoming PAR light
  • Achieves 80% reflection
  • Improves the microbiological health of your soil
  • Balances the water retention capacity of your orchard
  • Durable against weathering and UV
  • Withstands normal mechanical exposure

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Coverlys® - Fruit tree covering

  • Ensures optimal harvest yield and fruit quality
  • Makes it possible to anticipate and postpone harvest
  • Excellent protection against and regulation of climate for optimal cultivation and breeding
  • Reduces plant stress (water, light, temperature)
  • Extreme UV resistance, strong, tear resistant, extreme weather resistance
  • Flexible system for use throughout the year
  • High light permeability
  • Cost-efficient, easy to use, reusable