Ökolys has been awarded the Techtextil Innovation Award

6 October 2013

Beaulieu Technical Textiles has been awarded the Techtextil Innovation Prize in the category “New Applications” for its agrotextile Ökolys®. The award reflects the outstanding developments contained in our innovative agrotextile Ökolys®.

What makes Ökolys® so unique and innovative?

Ökolys® is by far the most (eco)logical choice for weed control. It is the first woven biodegradable and compostable landscape fabric to obtain “OK Compost” certification. Ökolys® is a groundcover based on two polymers: one biodegradable and one compostable.

This groundcover ensures important weed control for young plants in the crucial first 3 years after planting. After weed control of three years, Ökolys® decomposes, biodegrades and finally becomes food for the protected plant. End-of-life treatment of Ökolys® is no longer an issue: after its period of use, it returns to an organic state, thus closing the carbon cycle.

Ökolys®, the most (eco)logical choice for weed control

“OK Compost” certification guarantees the biodegradability and compostability of the groundcover according to the European compostability standard (EN 13432). Thus Ökolys® is one of the most groundbreaking innovations in environmentally-friendly weed control in the sectors of landscape gardening, forestry and agriculture.

“This product is a unique, biodegradable and compostable woven landscape fabric developed for environmentally-friendly weed control in landscape gardening, forestry and agriculture applications. The winners have taken full advantage of new renewable, biobased fibres to achieve the desired properties. With Ökolys®, BTT has made a significant contribution to the creation of an innovative and sustainable textile industry." 

International jury of the Techtextil & Avantex Innovation Prize 2013

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Ökolys has been awarded the Techtextil Innovation Award

Ökolys has been awarded the Techtextil Innovation Award

Ökolys has been awarded the Techtextil Innovation Award