Welcome to Techtextil 2017, May 9-12 in Frankfurt

2 May 2017

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Our highlights at Techtextil 2017 will be the following products and services: 

  • Terralys® – Woven geotextiles and geocomposites

  • Durapack® – Woven packaging fabrics

  • Extrusion coating & laminating

Woven geotextiles and custom-made geocomposites are produced in close technical collaboration with customers. Depending on the requested functionality and application, we select which product and production technology offer the best possible solution for your ultimate needs. In addition to ready-to-use woven geotextiles, we develop and deliver optimally engineered geotextiles to meet stringent geotechnical specifications. The woven fabrics can be used from the shelve or can be customized. Variation in fabric construction - property, density and weave pattern - gives the opportunity to engineer the ideal geosynthetic material for any given application.

Industrial packaging solutions are offered in the form of rolls of coated and uncoated woven polypropylene textiles. Woven polypropylene fabrics are durable and strong packaging materials ideal for applications which require protection or wrapping. Due to its unique woven structure, it is flexible and strong and thus suitable for a wide range of packaging applications. Our company slits in-house jumbo rolls of 4 meters wide and cuts 3000 meters long into smaller rolls suitable for any automatic, semi-automatic or manual bale wrapping or packing system.

Our Finishing department has a fully automated extrusion coating and laminating line. Technical textiles – woven fabrics and nonwovens - receive an additional treatment, namely the application of a coating layer such PP, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA or other polymers. This extrusion coating process makes a fabric waterproof, flame resistant, antistatic and printable. The coating also offers protection against wind, water, cold and chemicals. In addition we are equipped for extrusion laminating, bringing two carriers together with an adhesive extruded layer.

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Welcome to Techtextil 2017, May 9-12 in Frankfurt

Welcome to Techtextil 2017, May 9-12 in Frankfurt

Welcome to Techtextil 2017, May 9-12 in Frankfurt