Custom solutions and extrusion coating & laminating

Beaulieu Technical Textiles (BTT) is a specialist in close technical collaboration with customers to produce custom-made technical textiles to suit individual projects.

Depending on the functionality and application of the woven textiles, we determine which type of product or which product specifications offer the best possible solution for your needs.

Our Finishing department has a fully automated extrusion coating and laminating line. Technical textiles – woven fabrics and nonwovens - receive an additional treatment, namely the application of a coating layer such as PP, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA or other polymers. 

This extrusion coating process makes a fabric waterproof, flame resistant, antistatic and printable. The coating also offers protection against wind, water, cold and chemicals. In addition we are equipped for extrusion laminating, bringing two carriers together with an adhesive extruded layer.

Extrusion coating 

The extrusion coating process is a process in which a liquid coating layer is fixed on a woven or nonwoven fabric. This extruded layer can be applied on one side, two sides or even multi-layer.

Line Equipment Capabilities

  • Possible on woven and nonwoven PP, PE, PES fabrics
  • Coating layers in PP, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA. Optional UV stabilisator.
  • Colours: transparent, white transparent, white, black (25-30 g/m²), other colours on demand (min 60 g/m²)
  • One-side, two sides, multi-layer
  • Coatings of min 25-30 g/m² up to 450 g/m²
  • Width: from 2 meters to 4 meters
  • Length: one cutting in length on the coating line is possible.
  • Supplementary cutting is possible on a separate line, with up to 6 cutters in width.
  • Printing: 3x in the width; print dimensions are limited to 9 cm x 50 cm; the print is repeated each 60 cm; monocolour in black, white, grey, green or blue

Extrusion laminating

Within the laminating process, the extruded melt is used as an adhesive layer between 2 fabrics in order to produce composite structures.

Beaulieu Extrusion coating and laminating


Automotive | Packaging | Geotextiles | Construction | Landscaping | Agriculture

Customized packaging textiles

Variation in fabric construction or coating gives the opportunity to engineer the ideal packaging material for any given application.

  • Fabrics  up to 100 kN tensile strength, weight up to 400 gr/m²
  • Coatings up to 450 g/m²
  • Coating layers in PP, LDPE, LLDPE

Customized geotextiles

In addition to our standard geotextiles, we develop and deliver optimally designed geotextiles that meet stringent geotechnical specifications:

  • Custom geotextiles
  • Geocomposites that are combinations of woven/non-woven Geotextiles with coated finish
  • Tufted geotextiles

Contact BTT to find the right custom solution

  • Find the right solution for your application
  • A stable, long-term partnership
  • High-quality technical textiles
  • Long-term performance
  • Stability and durability
Beaulieu Extrusion Coating Beaulieu Extrusion Coating