Custom solutions: extrusion coating & laminating

Custom solutions: extrusion coating & laminating

Technical textiles, both woven and non-woven, can be further enhanced by applying a coating or by laminating them to create a composite fabric. After technical collaboration, Beaulieu Technical Textiles will produce a custom-made finishing to suit your needs.

Extrusion coating

Coatings are applied to fabrics to make them waterproof, flame resistant, antistatic and printable. A coated fabric offers better protection against wind, water, cold temperatures and chemicals. During this process, a liquid coating layer is fixed onto a woven or non-woven fabric. This extruded layer can be applied on one side, both sides, or in multiple layers.

Extrusion laminating

The lamination process fuses two fabric carriers together to produce composite structures. During this process, the extruded melt is used as an adhesive layer between the two fabrics.


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