Quality policy

Process approach and continuous improvement

We achieve excellence in quality by identifying, documenting and continuously improving our processes. Real-time process monitoring yields quantifiable data that allows processes to be continuously reviewed and actions taken to ensure that they remain relevant and efficient. A preventive and proactive approach is always used. Customer needs are transformed into actions and results, and these are compared to measurable objectives.

Commitment and participation by all

Each employee at Beaulieu Technical Textiles is customer-focused and committed to excellence in quality. Each employee is expected to actively contribute to achieving this excellence in quality. This requires all to be open to change, to base their actions on facts, and to take a long-term, sustainable perspective.


Customer focus

The most valuable measure of our performance is how our customers assess our quality. Success in the market depends on our ability to continually provide our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations. This means continuously listening to our customers and understanding their needs. Driven by these customer needs, we promptly implement sustainable improvements in our operations.

Environmental responsibility

Beaulieu Technical Textiles recognises the importance of environmental protection and is committed to conducting its operations responsibly and in compliance with all environmental regulations and legislation. We constantly monitor and review our environmental performance and strive for continuous improvement.