Our products

Beaulieu Technical Textiles (BTT) produces textile solutions for various applications such as:

The production process starts with polypropylene or polyethylene and includes additives such as chalk, dyes, colouring and UV stabilisers. Biopolymers are used for some applications. Raw materials are mixed to obtain a first preliminary product, which becomes the basis for other products. An extruder transforms the mixture into a film.

This film is cut into tapes a few millimetres thick, which then are wound onto bobbins. These bobbins are then placed side by side and hundreds of tapes are unwound onto large beams. These beams in turn serve as basis in the weaving process for the warp (longitudinal) tapes used for the fabrics. The weft tapes are introduced during the weaving process.

Once the weaving process is complete, a special coating can be applied to the fabrics in function of the intended application. At the end of the production process, fabrics are rewound, cut or folded depending on the final widths.

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