Coverlys TR165 C1 REINF

Coverlys TR165 C1 REINF

Product specifications

Coverlys brochure cover table grapes


  • Coverlys is a single coated PE fabric, advancing the harvest of table grapes.
  • Coverlys is a high tear resitant cover that protects fruit against rain, hail and extreme temperatures.
  • High UV transmission, resulting in better colouring, and more phenols.
  • Better energy savings and better insulation.

UV guarantee & resistance:

  • UV guarantee : 5 years
  • UV resistance without pesticides
    • class E according to EN 13206:2012; 
    • class F according to prEN 13206:2015
  • UV resistance with pesticidesholds 
    • 5 years at max. levels of 2000 ppm S - 150 ppm CI - 60 ppm Fe. 
    • 3 years at max. levels of 3000 ppm S - 200 ppm CI - 80 ppm Fe. 
    • in a geographical region of 140 kLy


Inner side is anti-fog and anti-drop PE coated. The non-coated side is the outdoor side.

  • Material: Polyethyleen
  • Pattern: The red line on each side indicates the ideal position for the installation holes.
  • Colour: Transparant
Tissu weight (g/m²)
  • 165 g/m²