Coverlys TR165 C1 REINF

Coverlys TR165 C1 REINF

Product specifications


  • Coverlys is a single coated PE fabric, advancing the harvest of table grapes.
  • Coverlys is a high tear resitant cover that protects fruit against rain, hail and extreme temperatures.
  • High UV transmission, resulting in better colouring, and more phenols.
  • Better energy savings and better insulation.

Coverlys brochure cover table grapes

Scientific study confirms significance and added value of Coverlys and Lumilys agrotextiles in the table grape cultivation. More info and full scientific abstract of the field trials in South Italy can be found as attached PDF and also in our Newsroom.


Inner side is anti-fog and anti-drop PE coated. The non-coated side is the outdoor side.

  • Material: Polyethyleen
  • Pattern: The red line on each side indicates the ideal position for the installation holes.
  • Colour: Transparant
Tissu weight (g/m²)
  • 165 g/m²