Ökolys GR110 L25

Ökolys GR110 L25

Product specifications

Compostable groundcover

Ökolys is a woven textile comprising a unique mix of two polymers, one biodegradable and one compostable.

Ecologically responsible

  • Biodegradable and compostable
  • Weed control function of minimum 3 years
    (EN 14836/ ISO 13934-1 compliant)
  • Made from primarily renewable sources
  • Contains no harmful substances
  • No more need of herbicides or weed killers

Stimulates growth in young plants

  • Controls weed efficiently and ecologically
  • Protects plants and soil against erosion
  • Enhances soil water retention
  • Creates an optimal microclimate for plant roots
  • Is permeable to air and water

Ökolys - OK Compost certification 



Invisible marking lines

Marking lines are very useful for the installation of groundcovers and also for the plantations, but these can interfere with the visual aspect. This is why BTT has developed a new technology, where lines are visible from close up, but become invisible from a distance.


  • Material: mix of two polymers, one biodegradable and one compostable
  • Pattern: Line every 25cm
  • Colour lining: green
  • Roll length (m): 100
  • Colour: Green
  • Waterpermeability (m/s): 0,010
Tissu weight (g/m²)
  • 110 g/m²
Roll width (cm)
  • 83 cm
  • 105 cm
  • 138 cm
  • 155 cm
  • 207 cm
  • 310 cm
  • 415 cm